The People who always ask me why you are silent for months no music from your side and all. For those friends and fans I would like to say something about myself . “I  AM NOT A MUSICIAN ONLY”. I love music , I love to produce Music , love to compose ,to write lyrics of my songs. Instead of calling myself A MUSICIAN I would like you to call me an ARTIST because I feel as an artist , I do lots of things even you people not know , you people have always seen my face in music side that’s why you think I am not working . But I want you to know that 

I work a lot not only on music but in many fields. I don’t have any limitation on my talent as i always keep exploring myself . Everyday I am learning new things , I don’t Waste time , I don’t sit idle.  As I am pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering , I have to take care of this field also because I Love it also, its My Dream From Childhood to Become a software Engnr. So I have to complete it also . I have many ideas for my technical field which I am gonna implement these asap as small and big projects, You don’t know my daily schedule guys its very packed, I don’t have time to hangout , I don’t have time to do parties , I don’t have so much time to talk with friends even. out of these I am writing some of my things which I do, these are :- Music, production work, editing audio/video,VFX, writing songs, composing ,mixing and mastering(sound engrng.) ,modeling,fashion photoshoots,research work related to my interest fields,programming,Android app development, UI designing , Database Fundamentals(Microsoft Certified) etc. there is no limit on my learning skills, I don’t want to put any limits because I love to learn new things and I will keep learning , The friends and fans who like my music for them I will definately keep releasing covers , originals but may be there will be a gap between the releases .I know I work on many things but I can assure you that I do all my work with passion and devotion so I don’t have any fear of loosing or faliure . Thank you guys from my heart you supported me till now keep supporting me always and i am having a humble request to all of you stop seeing me as a musician and try to find out an Artist in me and urself too 🙂