“I love to work at any time, I have sacrificed many things for my work , I dont have answer to the questions like what i am going to do in future , what i am doing right now and why i am doing . If I say, I have the answers but not for those who dont understand me and dont want to understand me . who dont believe me, I have hurt many people in my life I acknowledge that, I have hurted the people who are closest to my heart , even the people who lives in my heart. at present, I cant say anything to you people whom i have hurted for so long because it wont work  All I need is only support and “thoda sa love” to survive through my ups and downs from my loved ones .

To those people who dont know me, dont worry You will know me soon. this is not my negative attitude .this is my belief to make my life SUCCESSFULL not only for me but for the people who lives in my heart, the people closest to my heart , the people who know me very well and also to the people who doesnt know me. Have some belief in me for some times I PROMISE I WILL PAY THROUGH MY SUCCESS.