“Password Manager” Android App

       Password Manager is Live on Play Store


Many of us tend to forget our passwords of atm,websites,email id,etc this app can keep your password safe to you in ur android phone.


This is an android app developed by Ravi Kaushal. IT CAN KEEP YOUR ANY KIND OF PASSWORD SAFE WITH YOU IN YOUR PHONE, no one can access this app unless the master password is known. The user is only authorized to enter the master password when he/she download and run the app for first time!


                     1.Keeps your any password safe for you.

                      2.No Internet Connection Required.

                      3.Simple to use.

                      4.You Can Change the Master Password Any Time you want.

                      5.No Limits For Saving The Password You Can Save as much as you Can. 


I developed this app when i lost all data of my laptop due HDD failure.I have lost all the data & passwords saved in my browsers as I don’t remember even my G-mail password so i thought to make something which can save all my password and keep it safe . so, I came on conclusion that to make an android app which can keep all my password safe and made it .Now, I am sharing this app to the World (FOR FREE) as I know it can be useful for those who don’t remember the passwords 🙂

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