Actually thing is that i really want to do something bigger for country or even for the world . But to do so i need a team , a group of interested people who can work with me for the sake of our country and even for the world . In  mean time i have to learn many things i know it will take many efforts, dedication and time but i want to do it. I really don’t have a single interest in doing job in shitt IT companies and all. I want some really interested people to work with me on something good instead of listening to others because in India there are so many people who don’t want to do anything and don’t want anyone to do anything. they will be always ready to drag you to them . But remember One thing Guys who want to do Something in life . ” The People Who Underestimate You Always Keep Making Fun of You Don’t Have One Thing That You Carry In Abundance That They Even Cant Imagine” be Smart, Think Big Start with small take it to the larger level and make it not bigger but biggest !!