smule group rules & Members 



Auditions Only In Jan & June.

Unlike other groups our group doesn’t believe in strict rules but we try to maintain the decorum of the group so to join the group you should keep following points in mind

1. Active Participation & suggestions by the group members is desirable.

2.  Each Member Should be Comfortable in doing VOC if wanna learn is also welcome.

3. No Member is allowed to tag any group name in his/her SMULE profile name.If members wanna join other group they can write their name in profile status if required.

4. Respect should be there among each other within the group members.

5. Every Member should mention @Dunicos_official in the SMULE profile status & Follow the official profile.

6. No abusive language will be entertained.

7. Your profile will be Updated on our official website after one month of you being in our group.

8. Once left or Kicked out from the group (due to any kind of unbearable activity) you will loose the chance to get your profile on our Official website ever again.

9. No Misbehave or Argument should be there with the group ADMIN & FOUNDER in any case.

10. No one is allowed to share Group Activity Outside the group.You can only share the final products to showcase your talent.





Name :- Ravi Kaushal

From :- Mumbai, India

Birth Date :- 8th May

Smule ID :- OfficialRK

Work :- Artist (Music Producer,Singer,Song-Writer & Entrepreneur)






Name :- Priya Jain

From :- Ghaziabad, India

Birth Date :- 22nd Sept

Smule ID :- priyajain09

Work :- Teaching






Abhijit A Gaikwad
Smule Id :- @Abhijit9119
Smule Id :- @Bhavin_Heart
Siddhant Wanmali
Smule ID :- @siddhant001
Smule ID :- @OfficialRK