Do You Dream of Becoming an Independent Artist

I’m offering you a 30-minute educational video in which you’ll learn all you need to know about pursuing an independent music career, as well as a 20-page go-to guidebook with video links to assist you better understand the industry.

I understand your problems

πŸ’° You never earned money from your music?

πŸŽ™οΈ You Learned Singing & have No idea how to pursue further

πŸ’² Always wanted to change your Lifestyle like a Professional Artist?

You should not wait for someone to give you a chance; rather, you should create your ideal life on your own.

Allow me to show you how! All of the problems you read above are correct, and you already know it. But you’re feeling powerless since you have no idea how to accomplish such things, right?

Listen to what she has to say to you

Singer / Songwriter Akanksha

This knowledge can transform you into a Professional

This took me almost 9 Years and Lakhs of money to Try and Test everything. Meeting Different people in the Industry and Learning from them and Now I am Condensing my knowledge and experience in just a few pages and in video format to introduce you with a brief idea about this Career. So that you work in Right Direction from day 1

πŸ’° Nobody will fool you in the Market or in Industry

πŸ† You will get better opportunities.

πŸŽ™οΈ You will invest in the right direction

⚑ You will be more confident about pursuing music as a career

βœ… Never think of being slaves to your Boss or any Music Company

πŸ’° You will have your own FanBase

πŸ”₯ You will know how Music Industry works.

πŸ’² You will Save a lot of Money & TimeΒ 

What you have to do ?

You just have to give your 30 min to watch the Video Webinar + Another 30 min to go through the whole E-BookΒ 

How this E-Book can change your Journey from aspiring to professional

βœ… It includes video links that will help you in better learning the concepts

βœ… Brief advice for everything you’ll need to succeed in your career

βœ… It will give you ideas on how to Save Tons of Money

βœ… How can you pursue this as a Part-Time too

βœ… Tips & Tricks to make your goals easy & achievable


It’s not a 250-page novel that will take you days to finish. I understand that as an artist, you don’t have much time to read, therefore I condensed all of the needed elements into just 20 pages that Artists can simply read in 30 minutes and begin implementing right away for GUARANTEED results.

Who is this E-Book For?

πŸ’° Anyone who wants to start their career as an Independent Artist.

πŸ† Artists who already started and want a Roadmap.

πŸŽ™οΈ Singers who want to start their Journey as a Songwriter.

⚑ Artists who already struggled a lot still don’t know how to earn as a Musician.Β 

βœ… How you can release your first song on stores like Gaana, Saavn, iTunes.

πŸ’° How you can promote your Songs to get Fans.

πŸ”₯ How to market yourself as an Artist.

πŸ’² Where to spend if you have a low budget to support your career

"Enjoy a FREE 30-minute webinar, previously priced at Rs 1999/-. Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity!"

What you will Learn in the Webinar?

βœ… How to be an Independent Artist?
βœ… Eyesights on Song Writing.
βœ… What Skillset makes you an Independent Artist?
βœ… Vocal Training Tips to Improve your Vocals.
βœ… Releasing your music / Distribution to stores.
βœ… Do you really have to get signed to labels to be a famous Artist?
βœ… Promotions ( Influencers Marketing, Adword, Facebook Ads )
βœ… Song Pitching ( Labels, Movies, Web Series, Ads )
βœ… How to step into the market if you don’t have the majority of Skills I mentioned before.
βœ… What are the Earning Possibilities?
βœ… How to spend less to get the best quality work?
βœ… How to Get Signed to labels?
βœ… Do you really have to get signed to labels to be a famous Artist?
βœ… How to build the best Team?
βœ… How to Save money and put out more content in the market?
βœ… Why do we have to Invest?
βœ… How to Invest less to Get Good Returns?
βœ… My vision with Independent Artiste Community

If you don't take Action Now ?

βœ… You will waste 5-10 Years of time figuring out everything by yourself

βœ… You’ll waste a lot of money trying out useless ideas you’ll find on the internet.

βœ… You’ll never attain your full potential if you spend your time and focus on things that aren’t meaningful to you.

βœ… You will never be able to live the life of your dreams in the time frame you have set for yourself.

Hard work is the secret to success, but learning from an experienced individual in the industry in which you wish to succeed will increase your chances of success, right?

Know your Mentor!

Singer | Songwriter @ Indian Music Industry. R&B / POP ArtisteπŸ’₯ | 150K+ Fanbase

πŸ’° Artiste Consultant @ Connect With RK, Helping Artiste with all of My Expertise and 8 years of Work Experience in the Independent Music Industry, Including Songwriting Process, Releasing Music, Music Marketing, Money Making, as well as providing a customized Growth plans πŸ“

πŸ†Founder & CEO @, Production & Design Company, We provide all Artists related back-end services including Music Production, Publicity & Design, Marketing, Lyrical Animated Videos, etc. Already helped 100+ Artiste to Release their first Song from scratch. If you are an Artist Need to upgrade yourself with quality this is the one place for everything you need to shape your music career.

πŸŽ™οΈHost @ Podcast: Subconscious Talks by RK, Basically trying to provide more value to people through genuine discussions, which usually revolve on topics such as Music, Personal Finance, Psychology, Philosophy, Critical Thinking, Health, Positivity, Love, Relationships, Aliens, Travels, Businesses, Success & much more… ❀️

βœ… Verified on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Spotify, Saavn, etc.

You've already wasted a lot of time,Now is the time to Level up in reality,so Take Action NOW!

Live your Dream Life & Let your passion to pay for it

Believe in Yourself & Be Independent !

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