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Have you heard something like Loosers keep thinking?? What are you thinking then? Winners always take Actions.

Get advice from the best in the business.

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Basic Level

Getting started with Songwriting, Vocal Training Tips, Recording your first Original Song. Distribution of the song to various music streaming platforms like Gaana, Saavn, Spotify and more!

Intermediate Level

Building your Fan Base, Handling Social Media like a PRO, Promoting Yourself to the New Audience, Pitching your Songs to the Labels, Movies, Webseries & More!

Advance Level

 Get all the practicle tips and advices which will help you avoid making mistakes when you’re just starting out on your journey as an independent artiste and get aware of all the Earning Oppurtunities in the Music Business.


 To meet the changing needs of those on their musical journey i can help you build your skills and confidence. I offer a 1 to 1 mentoring line where we start off with discussing not only your music experience but also current thoughts, struggles or joys in our 1 hour call.

Our Pricing

If you are an Artiste you shouldn't miss any Oppurtunity which can upgrade your Music Career

Ultimate Guide to be an Independent Artist

How this E-Book will change your mindset from aspirational to professional?

✅ It includes video links that will help you in better learning the concepts

✅ Brief advice for everything you’ll need to succeed in your career

✅ It will give you ideas on how to Save Tons of Money

✅ How can you pursue this as a Part-Time too

✅ Tips & Tricks to make your goals easy & achievable

Reach out to me before its too late, let me help you in your Music Career growth.

The first step to Success

From Basic Level , how to start your journey to releasing your first original to Market it with strategies to get eye balls to covert them into Fans to Earn & More!

Learn to be successful with Music Consultant

In this webinar, you will learn about the bussiness of music. How it works. What you need to do and what not to do. Things that will help you to grow your career as an independent artiste.

What Successful Artiste Aren’t Telling You

Know all the Secrets of your favorite Succesful Artists & Rappers , Tips & Tricks to get your Initial Listeners & Followers, How to get yourself Noticed in the Crowd & more !

I can help you Succeed

Being an independent artiste is not easy. There are a lot of challenges that come with it, but there are ways to get through them. Ravi Kaushal has been in the game since 2013 and can help you learn how to succeed as an independent artiste. Get advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about!

Meet Your Mentor

Ravi Kaushal is a Singer / Songwriter with an Entrepreneurial spirit, Founder of a Production & Design Company named as MuviArts. He is also a host for the podcast Subconscious Talks by RK. He has been releasing originals since 2013. Being very fortunate to work with some of our Bollywood Artists & also holding work experience as Sales Head and Graphic Designer in one of India’s Top Artiste Management Company who manages some of the big names in Bollywood.

I offer packages starting at INR 799/- Consultancy Call for 15 min. You can ask your queries & we can discuss the problems which you are facing in your Music Career. go to the book now button select your relevant packages & select your date and time as per the availability.

Bingo! Now we will finally talk one to one and solve real problems with strategies and methods that are tried and tested in various new artists making their fortune. 

Preferred Language in which we will talk is Hindi & English Mixed only

If You Don't Take Action Now?

✅ You will waste 5-10 Years of time figuring out everything by yourself

✅ You’ll waste a lot of money trying out useless ideas you’ll find on the internet.

✅ You’ll never attain your full potential if you spend your time and focus on things that aren’t meaningful to you.

✅ You will never be able to live the life of your dreams in the time frame you have set for yourself.

Hard work is the secret to success, but learning from an experienced individual in the industry in which you wish to succeed will increase your chances of success, right?

Be Smart , Do Smartwork Not Hardwork !